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Badar Tareen's BrownTown is the DC area's largest South Asian comedy show and one of the East Coast's biggest. With a perfect record of sell-out shows— 6 at the DC Comedy Loft and 2 at Union Stage—BrownTown  sold 1,000 tickets in 2023.  


What sets BrownTown apart?


 Firstly, it showcases top South Asian comedians from across the nation, offering a unique blend of talent.​


Secondly, it hosts a popular and hilarious Q & A segment where Badar Tareen, both a civil rights attorney and comic, poses unscripted, outrageous questions about race to a white comedian, captivating audiences.  ​


Lastly, BrownTown boasts a diverse, inclusive, and committed fanbase that are not often targeted  by traditional comedy clubs, encompassing South Asians, East Asians, Arabs, Muslims, African Americans, and White Americans of various ages.

Next BrownTown show is on 5/5 at Union Stage in Washington, D.C.

Interested in Performing? 

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