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Badar is an award-winning filmmaker who enjoys exploring complex and compelling stories across various genres. 


Badar directed, co-wrote, co-producted "First and Last" a love story that follows an Indian American woman and an African American man as they reunite years after their breakup to delve into deep-seated secrets and truths on how race impacted their relationship. 


Alternating between their vibrant beginnings at a Holi festival and their emotionally charged reunion, the film poses a compelling question: What would you say to the one who got away?


What would you say to the one who got away?

Below are some awards the film received:

  • Washington D.C. South Asian Film Festival 2020: Winner, Jury Award, Best Short Film.


  • IndieX Film Festival 2020: Winner, Outstanding Achievement Award, Romantic Short.


  • Independent Short Awards 2019: Winner, Gold Award, Best Romantic Short; Winner, Silver Award for directing.


  • One-Reeler Short Film Competition 2019: Winner, Honorable Mention, Best Film; Nominee, Best Original Song.


Badar also directed, wrote, and produced “Breathe,” a psychological horror film about toxic relationships. The film focuses on Eiman, a newly single woman, who spends her first night alone and discovers something sinister about her future.

The film premiered at the Chicago South Asian Film Festival in 2021 and won several awards including Best Mystery, a Best directing award, Best Acting Duo, Best Sound, and others at the Hollywood Blood Horror Film Festival in 2021.


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